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Startup Exchange

p2p-lending service startup

To Investors

Register and earn up to 9% in a day from your contribution to the development of startups

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To Startupers

Register and place a request for a loan for the development of your project from startup-exchage

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To Partners

Invite friends and get from 3% to 7% of the friends deposit amount

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Help to take off!


To Investors

Register and earn from 4% to 9% per day from your contribution to the development of startups.

In the Startup-exchange anyone can give a loan by placing free money at interest higher than bank deposit. With help Startup-exchange you invest in real projects, backed by real people. Absolutely all startups are thoroughly tested to identify and solvency. Get money isn't everything - only the most profitable and long-term startups. Startup-exchange acts as a guarantor and mediator.

To place an investment it is necessary to make 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1. To register in
  • Step 2. Complete the application form in the section "Investor cabinet", by selecting the desired amount and payment system, where your money placed.
  • Step 3. To pay the request.
  • Step 4. In the setting of a personal account to specify pay information for getting daily charges automatically.

Investors terms:

Daily accrual from 4% to 9%
Profit growth increases by 0.5% per day until the 11-th day of deposit. During the first day you get a contribution of 4% of the deposit, with the second 4.5%, for the third - 5% and so on up to 9%.
Deposit and profit can bealready derived in a day
Your funds are growing every day, seven days a week.
Instant withdrawal
Startup-exchange automatically processes the application for withdrawal of money from the service.
Lock the loan - only 1 day
Minimum deposit - $10 Maximum deposit - $10,000.

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To Startupers

Register and place a request for a loan for the development of a startup.

On Startup-exchange you can get the loan without references and guarantors to develop your business on the Internet.

You must be the owner of your startup and be ready for its presentation. You can offer your loan terms (term, interest rate). Loans issued to the card and e-wallets Perfect Money, Payeer.

For loan you need to do 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1. To register on site
  • Step 2. In the case of approval of your application - in addition to provide the necessary scanned copies of documents for the loan Agreement.
  • Step 3. Prepare a presentation of the project.
  • Step 4. Complete the application form in "Startup's cabinet", be sure to include your passport data, a reference to the startup and its presentation.

Startupers terms:

A quick review of the application
We take a decision on the admission to funding in just 24 hours.
Minimum documents
We require only a scanned copy of the passport and the presentation of a startup.
You risk only borrowed money (without interest)
You remain the owner of a startup, investors and Startup-exchange doesn't claim to share in your project. In case of failure, you return the money without interest.
Credit history doesn't matter
When considering your application for a loan - Startup-exchange doesn't include your credit history.

To Partners

Invite friends and get from 3% to 7% of the friend’s deposit amount.

Startup-exchange has affiliate program with a progressive interest rate.

If you are not an active investor - you get 3%. In the case you have invested (any amount) in the Startup-exchange - your partner interest after the first investment round increases to 5%, after the second increases to 7%.

Partners terms:

Opportunity for growth
Increase your partner interest due to its activity in the Startup-exchange.
Withdraw money fast
Withdrawal of referral fee is carried out from the personal account to payment system Perfect Money and Payeer. The application is processed in the automatic mode.
Replacing partner is prohibited
If you are attracted referral registered on your link, it wouldn't be able to change the partner.


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